Suns of Arqa were direct descendants of the Osira civilisation that existed at the time of the Rama Empire, in what are now North Africa and the Mediterranean basin. 

At this time, most civilisations possessed 'Manusa' technology that included the use of anti-gravitational flying crafts or 'Vilmaner', and were witness to a great interplanetary war, that is described in numerous ancient texts such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. This all took place around the time of the 3rd Kali Yuga, 24,000 years ago, of which we are now approaching the last days. The real history of the human race and its civilisations, have been written about in great detail in these pre-Arian classics, yet are still blatantly ignored or dismissed as myth. Several artefacts recently looted from the Baghdad museum, provide clear evidence of evolved technology which pre-dates the building of the Egyptian pyramids. 

The devastating war with the Rama Empire saw the forgotten planet 'Maldek' completely destroyed. Its remains are still orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, and are now known as the asteroid belt. Mars of course remained in one piece but completely void of life after the terrifying thermonuclear fall out. Evidence of this will shortly be coming to light from the NASA probes. 

There is evidence of extensive destruction upon the Earth, with recent discoveries of sunken civilisations beneath the oceans. The story of this inter-galactic war is depicted in carvings at the temple of Maduarai in Southern India and many other major sites. Further signs showing the extent of this global catastrophe are revealed in the vitrification of several settlements in the far North of Scotland. However, the Earth did recover from this great cataclysm, for how much longer? Watch this space!

Suns of Arqa were among one of the groups to emerge after the fall, and settled in Konarak, Orissa, where they became masters of manipulation in sound and developed the raga formulas for healing and every other conceivable application. They also merged this knowledge with light signals, which could act as portals, in a way that the current 'orb' phenomenon is opening up similar pathways.The Arqans were very small in number; in time they broke away from their Indian roots and travelled west, eventually ending up in Britain, which at this time, was still connected to the rest of present day Europe. They settled in Alba and were befriended by the Picts, who were impressed with their seemingly magical feats and intricate music. Together they built a fortress temple in the shape of a lingam at the Pictish capital. The Arqans also brought with them their veneration of all life forms, which saw all animals as sacred. You can still see several carvings of the sacred bull found at the site, totally unique to the Pictish Kingdom, yet resembling carvings found at the ruins of Mohenjo Daro in present day Pakistan. 

Since 1979, Suns of Arqa have materialised as a musical collective, combining the ancient Hindustani raga systems with Piobaireachd and Nyabinghi roots drumming. They appear intermittently at the seasonal festivals and sacred ritual spaces, where they are a vehicle for the positive raising of vibration, connecting with both the sensory and infinite worlds, for the ongoing evolution of all sentient beings.