The Wolf of Badenoch (Due 2 August 2019)

Details to follow soon

Heart of the Suns 1979:2019 (Due 17 May 2019)

CD - Interchill
'Heart of the Suns' celebrates 40 years of Suns of Arqa, and puts front and centre the sublime synthesis of dub and Indian Classical music that Suns of Arqa is renowned for.  As well as the predominant Indian classical motifs, there are also chants from an Amazonian tribe and low-tone throat singing from a Tibetan Lama, laid over solid dub bed tracks.

There are some veritable luminaries included in this album including Bryn Jones, Youth, Greg Hunter, Laszlo Hortobagyi, Raghunath Seth, Kadir Durvesh, Shahbaz Hussain and John Leckie.

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Ambyss (2018)

Digital Release - Arka Sound
'Ambyss' features Suns of Arqa live at the OZORA Festival in Hungary, in summer 2018.  The line up for this performance features Wadada, Angel Eye, Tim Wheater, Greg Hunter and Darren Sangita. 

The set opens with 'Ambyss', and is followed by 'Inca Ringing Tree', 'MaKali Vortex', and 'Pater Noster'.  A unique and laid-back performance!

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